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Nov, 2015

CCD Design & Ergonomics has joined

CCD DESIGN & ERGONOMICS, a leading design practice in the use of human factors to improve experience and usability, has joined the platform to promote its behavioural and design services.

The recently completed agreement provides SITA customers with the opportunity to use CCD’s consulting and design skills to improve passenger experience and operational efficiency.

CCD offers customers the following features and benefits:

  • A behavioural-led approach to getting increased usage and satisfaction for self-service technology
  • Reduced passenger queuing time to increase throughput and optimise the service provided by staff
  • Improved usability of self-service technology to increase adoption and improve the experience
  • Improvement of overall passenger experience through a strategic view of the airport’s brand, the desired experience for different passengers, and a holistic approach to design
  • Improved usability of airports through good information and wayfinding.
    • David Watts of CCD says: “We have a broad remit to ensure that human factors are a key part of the design and development process, and we will specifically be looking at behavioural research, people flow modelling, signage and wayfinding, information design, queuing behaviours, and digital product usability. The output of our research will provide evidence to airport operators of how new technology will improve elements such as queue times and time taken for transactions. SITA is an excellent organisation to be working with, and this is a great opportunity for us to help improve the passenger experience across airports worldwide.” has been launched to provide the ATI community with industry relevant SITA and independent software vendor (ISV) applications and services. While the primary objective of is to provide instant access to and deployment of software and cloud services, the relationship with CCD demonstrates how the approach can extend to a wider portfolio of services such as behavioural and design consultancy.

      Benoit Verbaere, Portfolio Director for Cloud Platforms at SITA, stated: “ is SITA’s comprehensive platform for delivering applications and services to our customers. As a 360° delivery environment, it is a one-stop shop for ATI organizations and professionals to research, select, and purchase industry-relevant software and services from both SITA and non-SITA providers. Customers benefit from the simplified ordering, provisioning, and management processes, while SITA and its ISV partners are able to take advantage of the streamlined back-end services, including ordering, billing, and invoicing. We understand the evolving needs of the ATI and how these requirements present both opportunities and challenges for ISVs to drive innovation through their software applications.” is free to access for all SITA customers, and the number of SaaS applications is expected to grow exponentially over 2016 to provide all customers with a wide range of applications and services in ATI sectors such as

      • Aircraft solutions
      • Airport operations
      • Passenger experience
      • Business management