Frequently asked questions

Common questions about Marketplace.aero

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  • Who can browse and buy from Marketplace.aero?

    Anyone connected with the Air Transport Industry can browse for and purchase products and services on Marketplace.aero. We recommend that you register first so that you are able to see pricing and make enquiries to our internal Sales team.

  • How do I access Marketplace.aero?

    The Marketplace.aero store is available at us.marketplace.aero. You can browse the store freely and kick off an online Chat with one of our sales representatives. We recommend that you register so that you are able to see pricing and make enquiries to our internal Sales team.

  • What payment methods are available?

    All payments on Marketplace.aero must be paid by credit card. We will offer alternative payment methods in the future. If this does not meet your current needs, please contact us to discuss a solution at marketplace.admin@sita.aero.

  • Which currencies are supported?

    All transactions are in US Dollars via our us.marketplace.aero store. We plan to add more currencies as we expand the range of services available and are already planning for the launch of our Euros store.

  • I am an Airline/Airport/Ground Handler/Other ATI member and cannot find the product or service I want

    SITA is quickly adding to the range of products that are available on Marketplace.aero – many of these solutions will be available as click-and-buy services with automated provisioning but we will also be providing information about products that may require a more in depth discussion with one of our sales agents, for which an Enquire option is available. Should you wish to see a product or service available on Marketplace.aero, please do get in touch with us via the Chat on us.marketplace.aero or send an email to marketplace.admin@sita.aero.

  • I am an Independent Software Vendor or Service Provider and would like to add my own service via Marketplace.aero. What should I do and who can I contact?

    SITA loves working with like-minded ISVs and Service Providers to provide the best ATI solutions to the industry. Please see our Partnership section in the navigation menu for further information.

  • How can I find pricing and make enquiries for each service?

    All pricing is available after logging in with a registered account. Creating an account will also allow you to make an enquiry with our internal sales team and make a purchase.